How to add a Download Timer button in Blogger and WordPress?

To add a 15-second download timer to your Blogger website, follow the steps below. Follow the steps carefully.

Are you looking for a download timer script for the Blogger website? Then this article will help you.

Here, in this article, I will show you how you can easily add a download timer button to your Blogger website and customize it to your liking.

How to add a Download Timer button in Blogger and WordPress?

You can use the same script for your WordPress website. All you have to do is use a custom HTML block inside your post editor.

What is a download timer?

When you search and download anything on a website, a timer appears in front of you while downloading. Where you have to wait 10 seconds or 15 seconds or 30 seconds to download this file from text. And the timer that floats there for download is called the download timer

Here you can set the time as per your choice and when the timer will be off, you can set the download button in the block blogpost. So, when a user clicks on the button, the link will open in a new tab and the user will be able to download the file

How does the download timer work?

The 15 seconds 10 seconds 30 seconds you have to wait while downloading a file on any website is the download timer and it works through timing. There is a pre-set time. If the download timer is 15 seconds, you have to wait 15 seconds to download the file or if the time limit is 30 seconds, you have to wait 30 seconds to download the file. After the scheduled time, the download button will start in front of you and you can download the file by clicking on that download button

What are the benefits of downloading the Timer Widget? 

If you run a blog where users come to download a file and leave the site as soon as the download starts, you can apply the download timer script to your Blogger or WordPress website.

This way, you can ask the user to wait on your website for a while before downloading the file. This will allow a user to stay on your website longer and reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Another advantage of using a countdown timer is that it helps you increase AdSense revenue by allocating more time to users on a web page. This way, you get more and more clicks on the ads. 

How to add a download timer button to Blogger?

To add a 15-second download timer to your Blogger website, follow the steps below. Follow the steps carefully.

Step-1: First you go to your Blogger Dashboard and open a new post and from there open the HTML View blog post.

Step-2: Now copy the download script given below and go to the blog post editor and paste the code.

Step-3: Now change the download timer seconds highlighted above. Here 15 seconds is given by default, here you can choose 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds or the time of your choice.

Step-4: Now you need to add the download link to the script above.

Step-5: Down now. Just add the download button after the anchor text. (For the Templatefi theme)

Now hit the publish button. The 15-second download timer button has been added to your Blogger website.

Here you can see the demo, how the download timer script works. Once the download timer is off, you can refresh the page to start the download timer again.

However, you can download the countdown script above by clicking the button.

Note that if you use a theme similar to the Fletro or Media UI theme, you will need to add a button class to the anchor element in the code above.

So, you can download the “Download Timer Button” script with Button Plus from the button above.

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I hope you have understood today's tutorial and applied it well on your website. If you have any queries or problems while setting up the download timer script on your Blogger website, you can ask me in the comments section.

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