Top 3 Free cloud storage services to store file online in 2022 | Best cloud storage |

Top 3 Free cloud storage services to store file online in 2022 | Best cloud storage
We always have some important files that we want to keep or keep in a nice place. So that they never disappear. But sometimes it becomes impossible because you can't carry your desktop or computer everywhere. And the hard disk can be damaged. Then you can lose your files. We can use cloud storage to solve this problem. And we can access the file from anywhere with an internet connection. And those files are stored securely. There is a lot of active cloud storage online. They also offer a free plan. But a reliable server is very important. If you save an important file and then the server shuts down, it will be too bad. So always try to use the best reliable server and fast server.

Top 3 Free cloud storage services to store files online in 2022

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Cloud storage is super helpful for website owners. And especially those websites that share resources with their users and allow them to download files. Sometimes uploading files to hosting slows down your website. And terrible for those who use it. So it is better to host the file on another server. This is another reason why cloud storage is so important. So cloud storage is very important and helpful if you want to host resources for your website or just save personal files. So, in this article, I will share the top 10 secure and fast server cloud storage service providers. From the list below I hope you will be able to choose the one you like and if you own a website you can use all of the following.


Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage. This is a Google product so there is nothing to say about its security. Like other Google services, it comes with your Gmail account. When you create your Gmail account you will get a place in Google Drive. Google Drive offers you 15 GB of free cloud storage You can save pictures of your personal files to Google Drive. You can share the download link with your friends and with your visitors if you own a website. However, the download link is not a direct download link. But you can use a direct download generator then use a button every time someone clicks the button or downloads the link it will start directly and no pop or page will be displayed. Just like it is hosted on your server. And for speed, there is nothing to say. In my opinion, Google Drive is the fastest cloud drive server. You can also purchase additional storage from Google Drive. But one thing you must know is that you cannot host any file containing copyrighted material or viruses. If Google detects a virus or copyright on your file, they will remove your file from their server. However, you can host photos and they will not be removed as long as you have a Gmail account. You can also host video files. And share embedded code on your website. If you have a video hosting website, you can use Google Drive as your video hosting provider. And most importantly, there are no ads on Google services Here are some important details in the table-

                                   Google Drive Cloud storage details

Features and details  Availability 
Storage space   15 GB
Download link  available 
Direct download link   available 
 Host file format   All format 
 Video Hosting   available 
Share with specified people  available 


OneDrive is another well-known online file hosting cloud service provider. OneDrive is a product of Microsoft. They offer free stable and secure cloud storage. They also have paid packages. However, the storage space in the free package is quite low. Anyway, that's my opinion. They offer 5 GB of free space for its users to host files. But still, for personal use, 5GB is enough. And you can share the download link with your friends and family. If you use a Windows operating system, a drive will automatically back up documents for you. And the file format you want to backup. They have a very fast and stable server. The speed is similar to Google Drive storage. However, the free version is not suitable for hosting website files. But if you have a small file, you can do it with the free version. You can also edit your documents online and save them without downloading It saves a lot of time when editing, downloading, and re-uploading. It saves time and labor. If you are a freelancer then OneDrive will be very effective in reporting to your clients. But in the free version, there is no direct download link for OneDrive. You cannot create a link using a tool. You may think it's bad. And for the file policy, it's just like Google Drive. You cannot share copyrighted content and virus files with one drive. You can visit their website and read the file policy. Here are some features of OneDrive in a table.

                                    OneDrive Cloud storage details

Features and details  Availability 
Storage space   5 GB
Download link  available 
Direct download link   in paid version 
 Host file format   all
Share with specified people  available 

Mega cloud storage

Mega new compared to Google Drive. However, it is taking the cloud storage market by storm with its good and reliable service. Mega offers a very good cloud storage option with some amazing features that are not available in other cloud storage services. And incredibly they offer 50GB of cloud storage in their free package. You may have noticed that some big companies like Google Drive, One Drive, Cloud offer only 5 GB and a maximum of 15 GB. But Mega offers you 50 GB of free storage space! And without any ads as well. So you can understand what you will get in big storage. If you own a website and want to host your resources for your website to allow your users to download them, you can use Mega. However, you will not get a direct download link through Mega. If you want to host a video for your website, you can also use this server to host your video. You will get embedded code for the video and paste the video embed code where you want to place it. You can also set an expiration date for your file download link. The file-hosting policy is the same as Google Drive. And another interesting feature is that you can lock files with a password or license. You can sell products and create multiple download links for your users, including the license key. For speed, it's too fast. And you can use their apps available for all platforms to edit or control your files if you have the app, you can set up automatic backups for your device. In my opinion, Megan is the best as a cloud drive. But still, they need to improve something like direct download link and download system. If the file size is large, you may get bored downloading from Mega. You have to wait in the download tab. But still, the download speed is good based on your internet connection. And closer to Google Drive. I would say try mega storage now and buy a premium package from mega if you want. I'm using Mega to host large files on my website and Google Drive to host small files. Easy to sign up and use mega. Go and visit their website now. Here are some key features of Mega in a brief table.

                                Mega Cloud storage details feature

 Features and details 


Storage space 

 50 GB

Download link


Direct download link 


Host file format 


Share with specified people 


Video Hosting 


 Download link lock


 Download link expires date setup 



Cloud storage is very important for protecting personal and important files. We all have some pictures of our memories and some documents that we always want to have and keep safe. But sometimes we can lose them due to system loss or hard disk damage. This is why using cloud storage is so useful and helpful in resolving these precious memories and documents. The photos carry memories of some special moments in life. And keeping them safe is very important. That's why using a cloud drive to save them is a wise choice. And you will find many more file hosting companies that offer file hosting services. And I may miss some of them, maybe even your favorite one. The list I have made is based on my research. I have been a blogger for so long and cloud storage is very important to me. So you can say I am quite experienced with cloud storage. And the list is also based on my usage. I am currently using them for various purposes. I have no contact with those companies and I'm not even doing affiliate marketing to make money. I'm just sharing them with you for help. Let me know in the comments section if the article helps you. And tell me which cloud storage provider is your favorite. If I miss any information you can go to the official website of the service provider. I created this article based on current details. This may change in the future. So it would be better to collect detailed information from the official website. And also the price of the package. All of the cloud storage providers I mentioned above have paid and free packages. You can use the free version or buy a pack from them for better performance. I do not guarantee file security. Because those companies are not mine. However, I can guarantee that they are currently the best secure cloud storage provider for now. For files, Security visits their website and be sure to read their privacy policy. Thank you for reading the full article

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